Smiley Brett!

Brett is one of the sweet and funny kids I met during an advocacy trip a few years ago!!

The most memorable thing about him is how much he smiled! He smiled the.whole.time!!! He was happy to play with all of us! Whether he was playing with bubbles or doing the motions of head, shoulders, knees, & toes, he was happy!!

Well, two years have passed since I met him. And while the orphanage prepared his file and made him ready for adoption, it seems his family hasn’t yet seen him. He is such a sweet boy and I know his family is out there somewhere! 🙂

Here’s a recent video from when a friend visited his orphanage.

August 2008, is a sensible little boy, but he’s not too serious- he’s always ready to laugh! He is well liked and gets along with other children in school and at the orphanage. In September 2015 he began attending school at the orphanage, where he learns language, math, art, music and PE. Teachers say he’s a good student and participates in class, and at the end of the first semester he received an award as the “Star of Good Behavior!” When admitted to the orphanage he was initially diagnosed with a heart defect, but later ultrasounds showed it resolved on its own. He is diagnosed with thalassemia, and currently receives blood transfusions every two months, as well as medication to treat iron overload. In daily life he is independent, dressing and bathing on his own and making his bed. Bradley’s caregivers hope he will be adopted so he can grow up happy and healthy!

His file is currently on the shared list which means that any agency could pull up his file for a home study ready family.

He was previously called ‘Brent’ and authorized a $4000 grant for a family adopting through WACAP, which would likely still be honored. Contact for more info.

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